Mr Oluwole has been kind and very caring while remaining professional, I can’t thank him enough for sorting me out, I can walk walk walk without stopping now- something I haven’t been able to do for a long time, many grateful thanks.

Mr Oluwole is a person I can trust my life in his hands. He is caring, friendly and treats patients like a part of their family. He always delivers 100 percent to his patients. I highly recommend this consultant.

I was most impressed by Mr Oluwole. He went out of his way to be caring and kind, going the extra mile, ringing me at home several times for example.

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He made sure I fully understood the procedure I was having and put me at ease. He answered my questions honestly and I felt confident that I was in safe hands when I went in for my operation. The aftercare was excellent, and Mr Oluwole was very supportive throughout. I am so pleased with the end result post-surgery.

Outstanding patient care, advice and procedure went extremely well. My varicose veins were treated very effectively, and all pain and discomfort has disappeared, my leg is back to normal and running 20 miles+ a week again. I couldn’t be happier with the results of Mr Oluwole’s operation to resolve the worsening and painful varicose vein problems I had.

I want to say a huge thank you to Mr Akin Oluwole and his Team, for the splendid treatment at the Vascular Clinic on the 7th of March. All staff were friendly and most welcoming, at no time did I feel uncomfortable, or stressed in any way. I was reassured throughout the procedure, and I felt in safe hands. After many months of severe and debilitating pain and sleepless nights, with the adverse effects of pain-relieving drugs giving me hives which eclipsed the pain, my profound gratitude goes out to Mr Oluwole and his team for giving me my life back.

Having met and been treated by Mr Oluwole I cannot speak highly enough of him. A very professional and genuine man who personally kept in touch before and after my operation to check everything was ok. Thank you.

After many years of being scared for my surgery, I found Mr Oluwole extremely knowledgeable, caring, professional and more importantly down to earth and approachable. He put me at ease and therefore I decided to have the surgery. The surgery was highly successful, and I could not be happier with the care I received. I highly recommend Mr Oluwole.

After suffering for many years with very troublesome varicose veins, I made the decision to have them treated privately at the Spire Hospital in Nottingham. My consultation was with Mr Akin Oluwole. I attended my appointment and knew immediately that the decision I had made to consult Mr Oluwole was the right one. During my consultation, Mr Oluwole was very professional, pleasant and sympathetic to the discomfort I was experiencing because of the problems with the varicose veins in both of my legs. During my consultation, both of my legs were scanned to identify the extent of surgery needed. Mr Oluwole then explained everything to me on these scans and assured me that he was able to help me. He explained exactly what the operation would be and what outcome I could expect. Throughout the whole of my consultation, Mr Oluwole ensured that I understood everything fully and I was given a quotation for the cost of my surgery along with a date to suit me. I arrived at the Spire Hospital in Nottingham on the day of my surgery, I was obviously very nervous. When I was admitted the staff were wonderful, very kind and caring and helped me to feel less nervous. Mr Oluwole came to see me before my operation and explained everything to me again in great detail.

After my surgery Mr Oluwole came to see me to let me know that everything went very well, and he was very pleased. A few weeks after my operation I attended clinic for a follow up with Mr Oluwole who was really pleased with the outcome of the operation. We decided that it would be a good idea to attend the outpatient clinic for some foam sclerotherapy on both legs. I have had my first treatment and my second one is this coming week.

In writing this review for Mr Oluwole, giving five stars just doesn’t seem enough, in fact if it was giving a thousand stars it wouldn’t seem enough to me. By seeing Mr Oluwole because of very troublesome varicose veins and suffering for so many years with aching legs every single day, my legs constantly itching to the point of me sometimes making them bleed from scratching them and from having restless legs almost every single night which prevented me from sleeping properly, I can honestly say he has completely changed my life. Since having the surgery, I have not once had aching legs, itchy legs or restless legs. Mr Oluwole is a brilliant surgeon, and I just cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. Thank you, Mr Oluwole, for helping me and making me a very happy lady again.

A smile goes a long way to making a person comfortable and that is what Mr Oluwole gives you. He is easy to talk to and answers all your questions. A good experience. All the staff on the department were very attentive.

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From start to finish I could not fault any of the care given by Mr Oluwole and all the team involved from outpatients staff to theatre staff and ward staff. My concerns were quickly addressed by Mr Oluwole, and I have been very well looked after.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me. Mr Oluwole's kindness, caring nature and skill in what he does has given me a new lease of live.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent care which I received at Queens over the weekend of 28th and 29th March. I was admitted as an inpatient on ward E16 under the care of the vascular surgeons following infection of a gangrenous foot which required urgent debridement. The Covid-19 crisis was clearly taking hold and the whole hospital, city and indeed the country was clearly preparing for an onslaught of medical need. Despite this, your medical, surgical nursing and ancillary staff remained calm, professional and unfailingly kind to me and my fellow patients. I was treated promptly. Communication skills and explanations were excellent, and the quality of care was first-rate throughout and delivered with good humour and empathy. I would like to thank Mr Oluwole for agreeing to proceed with surgery under such difficult circumstances and for performing an operation to spare as much tissue as possible, his registrar for his expert and close attention and monitoring and the consultant anaesthetist for taking the time to perform a difficult local nerve block for my benefit when general anaesthetic would not doubt have been less trouble. The nursing staff in theatre and on ward E16 were kind, attentive and very caring in the best traditions of their profession and the NHS. I hope everyone concerned reads my thanks.

My goodness sir, the treatment, the welcome, the professionalism shown to me on my visit. I was amazed but oh so very appreciative, I skipped out of the treatment centre walking on air. After the first six months of firstly being in great pain, hardly able to stand for more than 20 minutes & then in stork fashion! - now the nights up scratching the leg, that now gave way to varicose eczema, please imagine if you will the appointment being brought forward 3 months to help me - I can’t ever thank yourself and your fab team for setting me free from the confinement my life had taken on. People at home have been wonderful I've had so many people help me, support me and the church also said prayers for an end to this for me. For such devotion to your job. I was no longer a number, I felt by your team also the help + the interest to get me better was paramount and to me and my friends and family - this has given me such a different look to the future I'd dreaded. Being alone it wasn’t always as easy, as you know my husband died 10 years ago. I unashamedly prayed to be taken with him when the pain and itching were beyond my endurance. So please imagine if you will Mr Oluwole, Clare, Rachel and Daisy the happiness you have released back into my life. I am indebted to you and your team.

Extremely professional with an excellent, reassuring and, when appropriate, humorous bedside manner. Took the time to explain every aspect of the proposed procedure and to answer any questions. Very easy to converse with, exuded confidence and knowledge of his specialist area.

It is a year ago since I had my varicose vein removed by Mr Oluwole. It has been life-changing for me. I wear dresses everyday thanks to him. His expertise, kindness and gentle manner put me at ease throughout my experience. No one would ever know which leg was operated on and I would like to thank him once again.

Mr Oluwole, I would like to thank you and your team for the expert dedication and care that you all gave for the repair to my aneurysm. My wife and I would also like to thank your secretary Rachel Blackman for the paperwork, the leaflets she sent us was informative, very useful and easy to understand. Finally I would like to say that you are all a credit to the field of medicine.

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