Cost & Insurers

We are open and transparent with our charges.


30 minutes initial consultation £175
15 minutes follow up consultation £120
Telephone or video consultation £90

We run a monthly free varicose veins 10 minute consultation at the Spire Nottingham Hospital.



Cost of your investigation is determined by the hospital of your choice not by Nottingham Vascular Surgery.

As a guide:

Unilateral Duplex Scan £140 - £400
Bilateral Duplex Scan £240 - £500


Cost of your Treatment

Determined by the hospital of your choice but can be as low as:

30 minutes Microsclerotherapy Session for Thread Veins £250
Unilateral Ultrasound Guides Foam Sclerotherapy from £810
Bilateral Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy from £1090
Unilateral Avulsion Alone (General Anaesthetic) from £2311
Bilateral Avulsions (General Anaesthetic) from £3160
Unilateral Radiofrequency Ablation & avulsion (General Anaesthetic) from £2457 to £3359
(includes one follow-up visit)
Bilateral Radiofrequency Ablation & Avulsion (General Anaesthetic) from £3455 to £4432
(one follow-up visit)

Local anaesthetic cost is lower if you prefer.